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Mt. Eielson slopes photo pair
Photo Credits: Fred Dean (1976), Carl Roland (2005)
Ecoregion: Alaska Range Mountains
Change Type: Increasing vegetation on river bars
Increasing vegetation on river bars
This photo pair shows an aerial view of the area upstream of the confluence of Glacier Creek with the Thorofare River. The large gravel bar in the background is the Thorofare R., with the base of Eielson bluffs beyond. What changes can you identify between these two photos? We identified two things: 1) It looks as though the open gravels adjacent to the small creek in the lower left corner of the frame were colonized by shrubs and became fully vegetated; 2) It appears that a patch of alder shrubs has become established near the top of the hill above the area that appears to be two patches of open gravel in 1976 below the summit.