NPS Photo / Guy Adema

Capturing Landscape Change in Repeated Photos

light on trees
NPS Photo / Kent Miller

Change is ever-present in natural settings, and the landscape of Denali is no exception. Over the course of a day, flowers open and close as light plays on mountain flanks. Across the seasons, lakes and rivers freeze and thaw. And over thousands of years, glacial advances literally carve the landscape we see before us.

One way to examine the quicksilver changeable qualities of Denali is through the magic of repeat photography: photos taken of a single location at different times.  


Planning a Visit to Denali?

entrance signGrab your camera and do you part to document changes still occurring! Browsing photo pairs near the Denali Visitor Center will provide a preview of Denali’s dynamic landscape, and illustrate that even areas set aside for preservation and conservation areas are subject to change.