Many individuals and organizations have contributed greatly to this project.  First to thank are the original photographers, whose careful work labeling their photographs and maps with the location and date gave reason to relocate photo locations.

Original photographers: Stephen R. Capps, S. H. Cathcart, Wallace A. Cole, Fred Dean, M. C. Edmunds, E. Erickson, Herbert Heller, Harold L. Ickes, Raymond McIntyre, Joseph Meeker, Fritz Nyberg, Jack C. Reed, Charles Sheldon, Lowell Sumner, Leslie A. Viereck, Clyde Wahrhaftig, Bradford Washburn, Lincoln Washburn, Candace Waugaman, Weiler.

The archivists, museum technicians, and historians working at the following institutions that have kept this history alive by carefully cataloging these photographs and making them available also deserve special thanks.

Archival collections: Alaska State Library, Anchorage Museum, Denali National Park and Preserve Interpretation Division Photo Collection, Denali National Park and Preserve Museum Collection, Denali National Park and Preserve Research and Resource Preservation Files, Harpers Ferry Center, National Archives, National Park Service – Alaska Region Archive, U. S. Geological Survey Archives, University of Alaska Fairbanks Archives.

Select individuals envisioned the potential of matching historic and recent photographs and set about developing projects individually, procuring funds and assistance for their work.  They then graciously shared their products to be displayed in line with other similar projects on this website.

Project developers: Layne Adams, Guy Adema, Jennifer Barnes, Jane Bryant, Willie Karidis, Ron Karpilo, Carl Roland, Leslie A. Viereck.

The repeat photographers on the ground and in the air used a vigilant attention to detail and patience to produce exquisite replicate photographs that have allowed amazing change detection.  They deserve thanks for their careful work.

Repeat photographers: Layne Adams, Guy Adema, Jedediah Brodie, Jane Bryant, Willie Karidis, Lacy Karpilo, Ron Karpilo, Martin Grosnick, Evan Olson, Charlie Reynar, Carl Roland, Sarah Stehn, Tamás Szerényi, Leslie A. Viereck, Larissa Yocum.

National Park Service

Alaska Geographic

Public availability of Denali National Park and Preserve Repeat Photographs through this website has been made possible by the support of Alaska Geographic.  Website design was provided by ITS Alaska.  Website text and photo pair descriptions were written by Carl Roland and Sarah Stehn.  Additional assistance in gathering, scanning, mapping, editing, or describing matched photo pairs was provided by Jenna Hamm, Joseph Ladd, Claudia Rector, Halley Trodden, and students in a Murie Science and Learning Center teacher training on climate change led by Terry Chapin and Sarah Crowley.  Text editing provided by Andrea Blakesley.

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