Why Care About the Changes?

In order to protect Denali’s abundant resources, park staff consistently work to identify and understand threats to the park’s ecosystem and inhabitants.  Also important for the protection of park resources however, are the efforts we all take to learn about, appreciate, and share our knowledge of the park’s many facets with others.

Hiker viewing Denali
NPS Photo / Ken Conger

For a full appreciation of the park to take hold, it is crucial for us to understand that Denali has both a history and a future well beyond our own experience of it, and that the procession of change and adaptation will continue to occur in our absence.  The park should not be considered a museum piece, but instead a community of life, continually adapting and evolving.

The simple act of replaying the history of a site through repeat photos can help connect us with the long and majestic train of events that has formed the current landscape.  Click below to explore ecological and cultural implications of land cover change throughout Denali National Park and Preserve.



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