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cabin photo pair
Photo Credits: Denali NP&P Museum Coll. 4-49 (1942); Denali NP&P Museum Coll. 6-48 (1966), Jane Bryant (2005)
Ecoregion: Alaska Range Mountains
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Three images of the incredible disappearing patrol cabin! These photos trace the disappearance of the Copper Mountain patrol cabin, as it was gradually buried in river sediments. Sometime after 1938, a channel of the Thorofare River migrated over to the cabin location and during the course of many spring thaws and summer floods, this cabin was completely buried by deposition from this glacial stream. This set of images is a remarkable testimony to the inexorable power of nature to transform and remake the landscape. Type "Copper+Mountain+Cabin" into the Search photo pairs box to see more documentation of this remarkable event.