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lake photo pair
Photo Credits: Fred Dean (1976), Carl Roland (2005)
Ecoregion: Alaska Range Mountains
Change Type: Shrinking ponds
Shrinking pondsAnimation is available
Research has shown that the amount of land covered by ponds and lakes in boreal regions has been shrinking in recent decades. However, this pattern is variable, and differs in rate depending on the region and specific attributes of the water bodies. This pair of aerial photos shows a cluster of kettle ponds in the tundra west of the Savage R. at 900 m elevation (2950 ft). There is not a large amount of change evident in this pair of photos, aside from the small pond in the upper right corner of the frame, which had standing water in 1976, but appears to have been fully vegetated by 2005, where it shows up as a bright green polygon in the second photograph.