1976 - 2005: Glaciated Lowlands near Bull River1/35Next photo pair
lake photo pair
Photo Credits: Fred Dean (1976), Carl Roland (2005)
Ecoregion: Cook Inlet lowlands
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This photo pair shows a pond located on the Park boundary in the Broad Pass area west of the Parks Highway. This is a large open area with numerous ponds and lakes whose origins date to the melting of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet at the close of the last Ice Age. These depressions were scoured-out by the action of huge flowing ice fields, and then they filled up with water once the glaciers melted and receded into the high Alaska Range. The area supports alternating patches of white spruce forest (dark green patches), shrublands in upland terrain, and wetlands such as fens and string-bogs in low-lying areas (light green in the images). Can you pick out any differences observable in the vegetation between the two image dates? Perhaps this portion of the landscape is responding primarily to changes that have occurred over a very long time scale (such as the retreat of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet).