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road building photo pair
Photo Credits: M. C. Edmunds (B88-12-012, Anchorage Museum) (1931), Layne Adams (2001)
Ecoregion: Alaska Range Mountains
Change Type: No apparent changes
No apparent changes
This photo pair features an area called Stony Flats, just west of Stony Hill. The tent pictured in the 1931 photo was a small Alaska Road Commission camp associated with road building activities. There is little obvious change visible in this photo pair. The alpine character of this site and the mountain slopes in the background remains. Looking closer, it does appear that their may be some additional low shrub species moving into to this alpine tundra but it is a little bit hard to know for certain from this photo pair. Luckily, the National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring Program has installed permanent vegetation monitoring plots nearby that will track future changes at sites similar to this one.