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ranger station photo pair
Photo Credits: Denali NP&P Museum Coll. 4-18.5 (1939), Tamás Szerényi (2010)
Ecoregion: Alaska Range Mountains
Change Type: Changing treelines
Changing treelines
This photo pair captures the "before and after" of construction of the Wonder Lake ranger station. Once the park road reached Kantishna, and due to changes of the park boundary in 1932, there was a need for a ranger presence in the west end of the park. The ranger station was built on the site of an abandoned gravel pit in 1939 by members of the Civilian Conservation Corps. In the 1938 photo, the foundation of the ranger station is visible just behind the elevated food cache. The other buildings in this photo were all temporary structures to house and support the building of the station. In the 2010 photo, you can see small cabins were added (in the 1960s) near the station for housing more employees. Also visible in the 2010 photo is a weather station that records automated weather data. Do you think the trends in weather and climate data predict the vegetation change we are witnessing over this period of 72 years? The hillside behind the ranger station has experienced a dramatic increase in shrubs and trees. The ground in front of the ranger station also shows an infilling of spruce and deciduous trees.