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Photo Credits: Stephen R. Capps (USGS) (1916), R.D. Karpilo (2011)
Ecoregion: Alaska Range Mountains
Change Type: Changing shrublines
Changing shrublines
The 1916 photo shows one of the United States Geological Survey camps used by Stephen R. Capps and crew on their geological expeditions throughout the Denali area. A retake of this photo 95 years later shows a general thickening of woody vegetation and an increase of tree- and shrubline elevation on Double Mountain. Notice in particular how the dark green shrubs between the forest and the rocky alpine have filled in. Looking to the mountains on the far left of the frame, in 1916, it would have been relatively easy to pick your way through open patched of low-statured vegetation between shrubs to reach the ridge and climb the peak. In 2011, you would most certainly be faced with a slog through the tall shrubs until you reached the shrubline and lower-statured vegetation on the ridge. Do you think these types of changes have affected the way people and animals travel through the park landscape?