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Savage Camp photo pair
Photo Credits: Bradford Washburn (Negative #2389) (1938), Layne Adams (2001)
Ecoregion: Alaska Range Mountains
Change Type: Human development and impacts
Human development and impacts
This photo pair features an area just off the Denali Park Road at Mile 12. The area is near the confluence of Jenny Creek and the Savage River on a slightly elevated bench, providing dry ground and expansive views. The 1938 photo shows Savage Camp, which was the main visitor destination between 1923 and 1938. Visitors could pay concessionaires for a variety of experiences based out of the Savage Camp including flight-seeing, car or bus trips, dancing in the social hall, or a wildlife safari called the "Big Game Drive." Once the McKinley Park Hotel opened in 1939 near the train depot, the main hub of visitor activity moved there, where it remains today. However, this area is still a popular destination. The Savage Campground, shown in the 2001 photo was built in the 1950s.