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mining history photo pair
Photo Credits: Harold L. Ickes (B75-175-306, Anchorage Museum) (1938), Sarah Stehn (2012)
Ecoregion: Alaska Range Mountains
Change Type: Human development and impacts
Human development and impacts
Pictured in the earlier photo pair is the East Fork Coal Mine, developed to fuel road construction in areas where timber was not available for burning. Coal was mined here until as late as 1940 and carried as far as the Wonder Lake Ranger Station for heating purposes. Notice in the later photo the scar from the road, visible largely because of the growth of willows in this disturbed soil. Also note the changes in the stream channel of Coal Creek. Nearby by is the site of the East Fork Cabin, built in 1928 as part of the Alaska Road Commission road camp used as a base for building the East Fork Toklat bridge.