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Sable Pass photo pair
Photo Credits: Layne Adams (2001), Tamás Szerényi (2010)
Ecoregion: Alaska Range Mountains
Change Type: Changing shrublines
Changing shrublines
Although this photo pair taken at Sable Pass only covers 9 years of change, do you notice anything different? It is a good exercise to be aware of the seasons when examining photo pairs. The remaining snow patches and lack of leaves on the woody plants, combined with the fresh growth on the roadside herbaceous plants gives clues that the 2001 photo was taken in spring. The yellow and brown withered leaves still mostly present on the shrubs in the 2010 photo indicate that it was fall. Can we still compare the photos? Probably so, we should just be aware of the timescale and seasons covered. Notice how some of the willows appear to have grown taller over the intervening period.