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Photo Credits: Stephen R. Capps (USGS) (1916), R.D. Karpilo (2011)
Ecoregion: Alaska Range Mountains
Change Type: Permafrost dynamics
Permafrost dynamics
This 95-year view of an area near present day Polychrome Pass shows significant changes in a few different facets of the environment. In the middle of the photo, the melting of the Polychrome Glaciers is evident. In the foreground, a change from predominately alpine vegetation to vegetation of a more sub-alpine character is evident, with shrubs replacing the lighter colored lichens. The drying of the large pond in the middle, and development of the other two ponds very nearby is indicative of changing distribution of subsurface permafrost. This pair also documents the addition of the Denali Park Road to landscape, visible just above the left-most pond.