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Bergh Lake photo pair
Photo Credits: Fred Dean (1976), Carl Roland (2005)
Ecoregion: Alaska Range Mountains
Change Type: Unique features
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This pair of photos shows the vicinity of the former "Bergh Lake" in the Stony Creek drainage that is shown on USGS topographic maps of Denali. This lake was caused by the impoundment of Stony Creek by a rockslide that blocked the narrow entrance to the Stony Creek Gorge in 1953. Over time, the erosive action of running water cleared the temporary dam blocking this drainage and drained the lake on July 2, 1986. Little evidence of the former Bergh Lake now remains due to the power of running water and time passing. In a dynamic mountainous landscape such as Denali, these kinds of changes occur frequently and are a constant source of wonder and fascination to Park visitors and staff alike.