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road building photo pair
Photo Credits: M. C. Edmunds (B88-12-181, Anchorage Museum) (1931), Layne Adams (2001)
Ecoregion: Alaska Range Mountains
Change Type: Changing shrublines
Changing shrublines
Building the Denali Park Road was a long process and numerous large camps were temporarily installed along its reach to house the workers from the Alaska Road Commission. In the middle of the 1931 photo is one such camp, at Big Stony Creek. Two trucks are pictured near the current roadway and a white stake in the foreground marking the route. In the 2001 photo you can see that no more camps remain in the wilderness area. It appears that shrubs are colonizing some areas previously dominated by small-statured alpine vegetation. Look particularly near the creek banks, and in the lower third of the photograph. In contrast notice that the drainage coming off the mountain side appears to be less vegetated.