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people at boundary sign photo pair
Photo Credits: Celia M. Hunter (courtesy of Camp Denali Coll.) (1952), R. D. Karpilo (2012)
Ecoregion: Alaska Range Mountains
Change Type: Changing treelines
Changing treelines
This photo pair captures the passing of time in both ecological and human landscapes. Pictured in 1952 are Ginny Wood, Morton “Woody” Wood, and Les Viereck standing at the Mount McKinley National Park boundary sign near Kantishna. The view of photo is looking south. Mount McKinley National Park, as established in 1917, began here, and surrounding lands to the north were either private property or mining claims. By 1980, the park had expanded (as Denali National Park) to include lands to the north of the sign, but many of the homesteaded lands and active mining claims remain private to this day. The Woods, along with Celia Hunter, were homesteaders who built Camp Denali, the first privately-owned lodge for tourists in the area. Pictured in 2012 is Morton “Woody” Wood, the only of the original three pictured still living. During the intervening period, a stark growth of trees is visible in the foreground, as well as thickening of trees and other vegetation in the background.