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Photo Credits: Ginny H. Wood (courtesy of Camp Denali Coll.) (1952), R. D. Karpilo (2012)
Ecoregion: Alaska Range Mountains
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In 1951, homesteaders Ginny Wood, Morton “Woody” Wood, and Celia Hunter staked this piece of land two miles north of Wonder Lake to build the first privately-owned tourist lodge in the area, what would become Camp Denali. The foreground of this photo pair captures the establishment of both the lodge and many, many spruce trees! The background of this photo pair, in a view looking north toward the Kantishna Mining District, also shows establishment of vegetation on the floodplain of Moose Creek, the encroachment of woody vegetation in a wetland meadow near Moose Creek, and a thickening and expansion of woody vegetation in the mid-elevations leading up the slope in the upper right of the photo.