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Quigley Cabin photo pair
Photo Credits: Stephen R. Capps (UAF, APR #82-149-2375N, S.R. Capps Papers) (1925), R. D. Karpilo (2012)
Ecoregion: Alaska Range Mountains
Change Type: Human development and impacts
Human development and impacts
Built sometime between 1909 and 1913, the cabin pictured here belonged to Joe and Fannie Quigley, long-time prospectors of the Kantishna area. Fannie Quigley was an avid gardener and made great use of this southern-facing slope to build a terraced garden and used nearby mining prospect tunnels as a cool place to store vegetables. Nearly 90 years later and the garden and cabin are long-gone, but evidence of their presence remains in the vegetation. Deciduous trees such as poplar and aspen, and shrubs such as willow and alder have grown in areas where the native vegetation was disturbed. These species prefer warmer mineral soils over colder soils with thick organic layers on top of them. A major change also appears to have taken place on the ridge in the background. In the 1925 photo it appears quite rocky and/or dominated by low-statured, light-colored vegetation. By 2012 however, that farther ridge is mainly covered with medium to tall shrubs and even contains some trees. Other intermediate elevations throughout the park have displayed a similar trend in increasing woody vegetation.